The Sun is Rising on Raw Milk …Again.

Raw Milk Colorado

Raw Milk Colorado

Prior to the advent of pasteurization, the average family depended upon a local dairy to provide raw milk, cheese and butter. If the farmer did a poor job and the milk soured too soon, the clients were quick to point out the problem.

Pasteurization was promoted as a beneficial way to handle milk because it killed many, but not all, pathogens and prolonged shelf life. No one knew the harmful effects and decline in nutritional value that the process entailed. Now we know of better ways to collect, refrigerate and handle unprocessed milk.

Unfortunately, the government has yet to catch up with the best studies on the benefits of raw milk, but things are improving quickly.

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Help us Help You Get the Nutrient Dense Food That Your Family Deserves …

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Our Goals Are as Follows:

1. Educating Consumers

  • Outlining the health and nutritional benefits of raw milk
  • Understanding raw milk safety issues
  • Defining the responsibilities of an informed consumer: understanding the consumer/farmer contract
  • Supporting holistic management practices.

2. Providing Outreach to New Producers


  • Educating farmers on how to provide a safe environment for raw milk production
  • Assisting with milk testing and evaluating results
  • Suggesting guidelines for holistic herd health management

3. Organizing the Raw Milk Network

  • Developing a membership organization
  • Establishing liaison with public health officials
  • Promoting appropriate Colorado food policy
  • Developing organizational partnerships
  • Maintaining a political presence
  • Managing media relationships

Congratulations on Doing Your Homework

The Raw Milk Association of Colorado (RMAC) is an association of raw milk producers and consumers who advocate for the traditional availability of raw milk products and seek to ensure a safe supply.

The fact that you are reading this material means that you are open to learning. It would be much easier just to listen to whatever the government says about raw milk. But then we consider that the past 50 years of government health recommendations have produced a nation of sick, obese and depressed people.

We will tell you what we have learned about raw milk. It will be a “real-world” education from farmers and doctors and people who are looking for good health.

We Know the Risks …

We are not deluded day-dreamers pining for the sentimental things of the past . We simply want to exercise our constitutional right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s the “life” part that we are focused on at present, because nutrient dense foods are essential to a healthy life. And there are few foods as nutritional and rewarding as a glass of cold, fresh unadulterated milk.

Read this Report …

The owners of cow shares at Guidestone Farm submitted to the board of health a paper that detailed the reasons why they were exercising their rights to raw milk. It details the science and rationale.
You can read the report in PDF format. with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader