Links to Websites That We Like

Join RMACHere are links that we recommend.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

A grass-roots legal team supports small farms with real teeth

Raw Milk Facts<

A growing collection of the science behind raw milk.

Drink Full-fat Grassfed Milk

CLA’s from grassfed cattle healthy in milk new study shows

Nutrition comparison of different milks

Comparison of cow, goat and human milk

Campaign for Real Milk

Learn about real milk

Raw Milk Blog – National news

Learn about the political, economic and social landscape of raw milk.

Michigan Workgroup

Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk Workgroup – Milk Nutrition

Microbial Research, Inc

Microbial Research has been a vital partner in RMAC’s milk test process

Food Farming and the Healing Arts

National resource for raw milk info and sources

Truffle Cheese Shop

Raw Cheese at the Truffle Cheese Shop in Denver!

Foggy Bottom Web Designs

Support Web Design that supports Organic Farms

James Grieve Insurance

This is our kind of agent – raw dairy friendly

Goat Chat Board

Yahoo goat chat board

RMAC Volunteers

Yahoo group for Raw Milk Association Volunteers-Grass-fed