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[pw_map address=”39883 Mathews Lane,Paonia,CO,81428,United States” width=”250px” height=”250px” zoom=”10″ title=”Western Culture Farmstead”]
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Western Culture Farmstead

David Miller
39883 Mathews Lane

Paonia, CO 81428
Phone: 970-417-0213
Email: westernculturefarmstead@gmail.com


Contact: David Miller

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Situated outside the town of Paonia, in the heart of the North Fork Valley is our family farm, Western Culture Farmstead and Creamery. We offer milk shares from our herd of Sannean and Nubian goats.
Our goats are pasture raised and are feed on GMO free grains during lactation. We are present for all births and bottle-feed our kids, but we can always use volunteers for “kid-cuddlers”.
We raise organic vegetables and make beautiful artesian cheese. Soaps and lotions using our beneficial goat milk are available.

[pw_map address=”1515 M 3/8 Rd.,Loma,CO,81524,United States” width=”250px” height=”250px” zoom=”10″ title=”Willmarth Family Farm”]

Willmarth Family Farm

Ralph Willmarth
1515 M 3/8 Rd.

Loma, CO 81524
Phone: 970-858-8669
Email: rwillmarth@msn.com


Contact: Ralph Willmarth

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We need a new description.

[pw_map address=”5317 Beverly Drive,Berthoud,CO,80513,United States” width=”250px” height=”250px” zoom=”10″ title=”WiMo Farms, LLC”]

WiMo Farms, LLC

Maureen ‘Mo’ McDonough
5317 Beverly Drive

Berthoud, CO 80513
Phone: 970-344-0808
Email: wimofarms@gmail.com

Website: http://www.wimofarms.com

Contact: Mo McDonough

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WiMo Farms, LLC is a very small farm nestled against the foothills of Berthoud, CO. We are so happy to be able to offer raw milk shares from our cows. We deliver to a drop-off locations in Boulder and Longmont as well as pick-up directly from our little Berthoud farm. We encourage our shareholders to visit the farm to get to know us, our cows and how we do things.

Our milking herd currently exists of 3 lovely Jersey cows (Lilly, Molly and Holly) and one 3/4 Jersey cross (Nikki). Our cows are fed high quality grass and alfalfa and only a very small amount of non-GMO, no corn, no soy grain while being milked.

We just received our test results back from our genetic testing and found out that all of our cows are A2 carriers with 2 of them being A2/A2! This will enable us to move to a complete A2 herd within a few years!!

In addition to our raw milk, we also offer 100% organic no corn, no soy farm fresh eggs (seasonably available) from our very happy free-ranging hens and 100% organic no-corn, no soy meats from our turkeys, Muscovy ducks, chickens and grass-fed sheep! Muscovy ducklings are sometimes available throughout spring and into early summer.

Enjoy food the way nature intended!! Please contact us with any questions or just to talk “good food, farm or animals” with us.

[pw_map address=”216 E US HWY 50,Avondale,CO,81022,United States” width=”250px” height=”250px” zoom=”10″ title=”Zen Dairy Goat”]
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Zen Dairy Goat

Eric Rovegno
216 E US HWY 50

Avondale, CO 81022
Phone: 7192510588
Email: erovegno@q.com


Contact: Eric

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