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Colorado Camel Milk

Joseph and Nicole Henderson

longmont, CO 80504
Phone: 303-718-2021
Email: nbell_98@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.coloradocamelmilk.com

Contact: Joseph Henderson

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Colorado Camel Milk is a family owned and operated Raw and pasteurized CAMEL Dairy. We are located in Longmont, Colorado. We take great pride in offering the highest quality unpasteurized Camel milk, to our herdshare families. Come discover why some are calling it MIRACLE MILK. Camel Milk is a SUPERTONIC.
-Camel milk is closer to human milk than any other milk to our knowledge.
-It is often easily digested by lactose-intolerant individuals.
-It is rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins and iron.
-The lactoferrin in camel milk has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor properties.
-It contains disease-fighting immunoglobulins which are small in size, allowing penetration of antigens and boosting the effectiveness of the immune system.
-It is a rich source of insulin. Containing approximately 52 units of insulin-like protein in each liter of camel milk, making it a great option for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics as well as Gestational Diabetes.
-It aids in the treatment of Autism.

We test our milk weekly to make sure all is going as planned. Our herd is tested TB and Brucellosis free.
Visitors by appointment only please.

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Covenant Farms

Tami Moser
14790 CR 64

Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: 9702181300
Email: tami@covenantfarms.net

Website: http://www.covenantfarms.net

Contact: Tami Moser

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We began with the premise that we wanted to make the land better and provide for our family quality foods that had a “meaning”. Raising healthy, happy animals no hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals rang right with us. We believed there was a “better way” by stepping outside the conventional farming “box”, and going back to the basics. We found that not only were we making the land better and more productive, but our animals thrived too, and the milk, eggs and meat produced is something we are proud to offer.

Originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey, the Jersey breed is best known for the high butterfat content of the milk and the natural marbling and tenderness of the meat. The mini Jersey’s we raise are no different, just more diminutive in size. We are a seasonal dairy with milk shares available from May to October/November each year. During the cold winter months, we and the cows, take a much needed rest.

Come out and visit the herd anytime and get some cow scratching in.

Creme de la creme

Kari Bekkedahl
1400 n shields street

fort collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-420-2357
Email: kari@bekkedahl.net


Contact: Kari Bekkedahl

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Why raw milk? More and more people are now eating foods that are unprocessed, unpasteurized, and unchanged from what nature intended. Dairy products that do not cause milk sensitivity are easy to digest, and contain all their vital nutrients Our raw milk from pasture-graze cows contains highly beneficial nutrients including: CLA and Omega 3 fatty .
acids ,beneficial bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and so much more!

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Dawn ’til Dusk Gifts From the Garden

Dawn Swanbom
3500 49th Street
P.O.Box 336261
Greeley, CO 80633
Phone: 970-213 4897
Email: dawntildusk@q.com


Contact: Dawn Swanbom

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Donoma Farms

Justin Norton
10018 Weld County Rd 110

Carr, CO 80612
Phone: 3034083464
Email: justinnorton@comcast.net

Website: http://www.donomafarms.com

Contact: Justin Norton

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